Novelty from Too Faced: ribbon liner!

too-faced.jpgRainbow on the eye? Why not, after all you have to lighten up this grim, autumn aura outside your window. The Instagram was dominated by new, colourful make-up trend: ribbon liner made with colourful markers.

Word “line” may not be the exact way this, surrounded with true obsession, make-up should be described. It is more of a snake delighting with lots of colours.

This make-up is really easy and to create whole gamut of colour you do not need much. Take black eyeliner and at least two colours for creation of twisted and colourful line, which will enwrap the classical black line.

Colourful markers used for ribbon make-up should be bright, so that they would visibly separate from the black line. Perfect for the job will be shades of violet, azure, sky-blue, mint or yellow.

How to perform ribbon make-up with rainbow eyeliner?

  1. Prepare skin for make-up and apply on eyelid eye shadow in nude shade.
  2. Right outside the lashes line create black winged line. It has to be bold and go way outside eye corner. Wait for the line to dry.
  3. Choose 3-4 colours of markers, which will provide contrast for black line. Perfect for the job will be colourful markers from Too Faced – they are long lasting, have great pigmentation and stun with several effective shades (sky-blue, lilac, light pink, orange, yellow).
  4. Now proceed with twisted liner in the corner of eye. You can divide it into steps and change colour of the marker every now and then, so that it would go through variety of rainbow tones. It is important that line makes an impression as if it wrapped the black line. This will provide three dimensional make-up and ensure more interesting effect.
  5. Wait for the colourful line to dry and apply the mascara.
  6. The more colours you use, the more surprising effect you can achieve. Ribbon make-up is perfect for all sorts of grand events, festivals and nights at the club. Good Luck!

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