“Me & my umbrella” – Make-up trends for the Autumn 2016 from Essence

essence.jpgWe just love cosmetics from Essence. They are not only a quality in an affordable price, but also pleasing to eye and thoughtful packagings. This Germany brand is known for its seasonal, exceptional and topical collections, which consist of all the essentials for you to feel trendy and beautiful. What is more, purchase of cosmetics from Essence is never a waste of money. The quality of the products is always stunning and satisfactory to even most demanding make-up fans.

In the Autumn, Essence surprised us with new “rainy” collection with gracious name me & my umbrella. It is not yet available in the drug-stores. However, on the website of Essence you can see preview presentation of the cosmetics, and there is plenty to see. The cosmetics in autumn colours cooperate with this year’s trends and are very engaging. This collection consists of two new eye shadows in neutral colours – one of them can be used as a highlighter and the other one for providing your look with depth. Eye shadows can be accompanied by matte lipsticks in new colours – subtle dusky pink and bold dark brown combined with cold pitch of eggplant (dark lips are this years autumn hit). The colouring scheme is fulfilled with blusher, which suits both warm and cold skin complexion. It has beautiful and subtle pink-peach colour.

We were in particular captivated by new cosmetics for eyebrows make-up – shades with sponge applicator, which (apparently) are not afraid even of rain and humidity – as well as beautiful shades of nail polishes. You will want to try the one with subtle shade of dark green and dark chocolate with delicate shade of hot pepper.

Worth of your attention is also wet look top coat and colourless lip gloss, which – according to manufacturer – are intended to provide nails and lips with wet, rainy appearance. So, the Autumn wardrobe from Essence will be equipped with all that is necessary for execution of this season top trend make-up.

We should mention that the Autumn collection has very nice look: on lipsticks, packagings of eye shadows and pencils are drawn cute umbrellas, blusher has imprinted the slogan you can stand under my umbrella, and every cosmetic has uncanny name, like walking on the rainbow (eyebrows shade), take me to the clouds (eye shadows), dancing in the rain (colourless lip gloss).

We can’t wait for the premiere!

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