Fat Top – best foundation brushes

beauty.jpgFat Top – best foundation brushes

Fingertips, sponge or maybe a brush? What do you use to apply your foundation? If you still cannot decide on your favourite tool, this article might be helpful. Have a look at the most popular brushes and check which one will suit your needs.

What should the perfect foundation brush be like?

All make-up artists and stylists prefer flat cut applicators, so-called flat top. Thanks to these gadgets you will be able to apply your favourite foundation quickly and easily. How to use such brush? To ensure a perfect make-up and excellent coverage, make sure to use a “stippling” motion first, and then gently rub the product on the face. It depends on your personal preference whether the brush is made of natural or synthetic material. Keep in mind that every type of bristles used in the brush can cause irritations.

  • Hakuro H50 is one f the most popular brushes used for applying foundation. It is made of high quality synthetic bristles. The brush is soft, therefore should not cause any irritations and guarantees fast and precise application. Evenly distributed product will not smudge, create stains or the so-called mask effect. Girls also willingly reach for Zoeva brushes. Number 104 has fibres gentle for your skin. It is especially recommended for mineral or liquid foundation. Thanks to this brush the application process will be a pure pleasure.
  • Artis Oval 7 is the most expensive make-up brush presented here. Even though, they look like a round hair brush, he application of foundation is very simple and fast. Densely arranged bristles do not absorb as much product as ordinary brushes. What is more, it distributes a lightweight layer on your skin, ensuring a perfect coverage. With the use of Artis Oval 7 you will enjoy a natural, perfect make-up throughout the day. Annabelle Minerals Flat Top Brush is especially designed for applying mineral foundations. It promises a flawless – looking face that everyone will admire. In addition, it works well when applying products of liquid formula. It has gentle bristles that ensure comfort of use and is ideal to do any kind of make-up.

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