Highlighting Foam Strips: An Innovation For Hair Colouring and Highlighting

highlighting foam strips

Highlighting Foam Strips are an innovation for colouring and highlighting hair. The strips are created by the Maltese ColorCuts brand, committed to combining technology with care for the environment. They are the perfect gadget for your hairdressing salon that can upgrade the quality of your services.

ColorCuts hair colouring strips:

  • perfect for professional colourists and trainees,
  • durable, elegant and easy to use,
  • cut colouring time by up to half,
  • environmentally friendly and biodegradable,
  • machine-washable up to 3 times,
  • semi-transparent, flexible and unique,
  • stay on the hair during the colouring procedure.

The strips are the perfect assistants for multi-layered hair colouring. The provide the best alternative to impractical aluminium foil. No need to waste time on cutting and preparing the strips. ColorCuts polystyrene foam strips don’t damage hair. They are glue-free, but get a strong grip in contact with colouring products. They stay on during the hair dye application, don’t slide off the hair and the semi-transparent coating provides full control over the colouring and enables easy touch-ups.

Highlighting Foam Strips – your colouring assistants

Even the untrained hairdresser can become proficient with the multicoloured ColorCuts strips. These unique accessories help create spectacular ombre, sombre, baleyage, highlights or other colouring techniques. The strips give you 100% control over the colouring procedure without the risk of damage.

The eye-catching and practical colouring strips are suitable for colouring even very long hair. The box contains 200 pieces measuring 10×30.5 cm. The strips are made of lightweight, thermal material. They don’t only ensure an enjoable colouring procedure, but also provide great convenience: different colours help you distinguish the different shades of hair dye used.

The strips are pre-cut and come in a handy box that lets you take out each strip easily and quickly. Say goodbye to always tangled aluminium foil. The unusual grip and durability of the strips help achieve precise and even colouring results.

highlighting foam strips

Exceptional polystyrene foam strips for your hair salon

Highlighting Foam Strips cannot be matched by aluminium foil. The size and flexibility of these unique hair strips are tailored to suit any hair length and don’t pull on the hair during removal. They prevent mechanical and thermal damage. They allow air circulation between the layers and each strip maintains the heat inside to intensify the colouring result. The strips stay cool on the outside for maximum comfort.

The ColorCuts brand takes care of the environment! Their hair strips are made from 80% recycled materials. These environmentally-friendly biodegradable foam strips are highly effective. After use, wash them in the washing machine up to 3 times and they can last for up to 800 uses.

A reusable pack of colourful foam strips is an attractive gadget for your hairdressing salon that can attract new customers. They can cut colouring time by up to half and provide perfect results. Go for practical hairdressing accessories, loved by hairstylists the world over! Learn more about the product: www.colorcuts.mt.