Shampoo Bar: What Makes It Superior to a Regular Shampoo?

For those who lead ZERO WASTE lifestyle. For the natural hair and body care enthusiasts. For everybody! Shampoo bar is a beauty product that we fell in love with for its simplicity, high effectiveness and universality. Do you know what benefits a shampoo bar has? Do you know why you should give it a try? If you don’t know, keep reading.

You can be the biggest minimalist the world has ever seen but there are some self-care products that you can’t do without. A shampoo is one of them. Sadly, when you fail to choose the right one, it may do more harm than good to your hair.

Shampoo: The core of beauty routine

Choosing a shampoo is super important. After all this is a cosmetic that does more than just cleanse the hair and leave it fresh-looking because it also makes the first and the most important stage of your hair routine. If you don’t remove the buildup, the further treatments, such as application of a hair conditioner or a mask, won’t be as effective as they can be. The hair styling product residues impede nutrients from penetrating the hair, but that’s not all. More worryingly, they can lead to scalp irritations. That being said, choosing the right shampoo is super important.

Shampoo Bar: Why is it the best?

Most of us reach for universal shampoo products, even though many reports show that shampoo bars seem to be better at providing deep cleansing. There are a few qualities of shampoo bars that make it stand out:

  • natural – the composition of shampoo bar is simple
  • universal – it can be used to wash all hair types
  • easy to use – you just need to lather the bar in your hands and wash the hair
  • eco-friendly – lack of plastic bottles is a huge advantage
  • lasts long – one bar of shampoo lasts longer than a regular shampoo

Eco-friendly, natural and gentle

Nowadays, when the environmental risk is high, it’s a good practice to look for self-care products that follow the less waste or zero waste approach. Shampoo bar is one of such products that complies even to the most strict requirements because it’s production respects the environment, but most of all it’s not packed in plastic bottles that already pollute our planet. Therefore, if you’re an ecofreak, a shampoo bar seems to be perfect for you.

It’s also worth pointing out that only nature-derived ingredients are used for manufacturing of shampoo bars. These cleansers are suitable for vegans and sensitive scalp. Their naturalness is the biggest asset. Simply put, shampoo bars deliver better effects and have more benefits for the hair, without disturbing the natural pH balance of the scalp.

How does a shampoo bar work?

Basically the effects delivered by a shampoo bar are determined by the product you choose. Just like regular shampoos, the ones available in bars are composed of various ingredients, therefore you should find the product that will satisfy your current hair needs. Once you manage to find the right shampoo bar for yourself, you can be sure that it will:

  • remove all impurities from your head
  • gently cleanse the scalp
  • wash your hair without contributing to dryness or frizz
  • smooth the hair cuticles, easing brushing
  • balance the scalp’s pH
  • nourish, moisturize and leave hair stronger

How to use a shampoo bar?

Some may think that despite having so many benefits, they won’t reach for a shampoo bar because its correct use is just too complicated. You know what? Washing hair with a shampoo bar is surprisingly easy!

How to do it the right way? Damp the hair with water. Grab a shampoo bar and lather it in the hands. Put it back and massage the lather into your scalp. Rinse the hair and repeat the procedure if you need it. It takes only that little to wash the hair with a shampoo bar – in an effective and 100% eco-friendly way!

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