How to take care of dry hands? At home methods to the skin rescue

Dry hands issue can be observed among more and more people. No wonder, constantly disinfected with alcohol the skin of hands becomes dry very fast and suffers from irritations. What can you do to provide your hands with proper hydration? How to take care of dry hands on a daily basis? Check out these methods.

Even though our hands are one of the most exploited parts of the body, we tend to give them little if no attention. We should change that because when devoid of proper protection hands become dry and irritated.

Protection is the most important!

How to prevent hand dryness? It’s simple. You should provide your hands with protection against harmful factors, i.e. freeze, sun, detergents, toxins. The base for this approach will a good hand cream that can prevent hydration loss and create a protective barrier, e.g. against free radicals. In the winter, the cream should be heavier so that the freeze wouldn’t stand a chance of causing irritation to the delicate skin of hands.

However, sometimes cream is not enough and you need stronger protection. For example, during the household chores. What to do? Remember to wear gloves – those will protect you against mechanical damages and detergents that oftentimes happen to be the cause of dry hands.

Which hand cream should you choose?

Since we are on the subject of how the skincare of dry hands should look like, let’s discuss creams. The choice of the right one is of great importance because it will not only protect but also regenerate and restore hands with the beauty they once had.

If you are choosing hand cream, remember that it:

  • should be natural, i.e. plant-based ingredients,
  • should match your needs, e.g. the right thickness,
  • shouldn’t contain artificial components or dryness causing alcohol.

The ingredients of hand cream that you should look for in the INCI are among many natural oils (argan, castor, jojoba, shea), urea, or glycerin (the substance with strong hydration action), but also panthenol, beeswax, aloe, plant-based extracts or famous vitamin E.

At-home methods for dry hands

Obviously, the cream is not all. The protection and nourishment can be provided in various ways. Here are those that your dry and irritated hands will appreciate. If you have a big problem with the hydration of your hands, you should definitely try it!

1. Hands bath in olive oil

To make the skin of hands soft, you should make use of olive oil properties. You can simply massage it into your hands and put on cotton gloves so that it is absorbed better. However, it is a better idea to heat up a bit the olive oil, add lemon juice and a few drops of vitamin E. Soak dry hands in the bath for 15 minutes.

2. Shea butter instead of hand cream

It is worth to discover and feel for yourself the properties of shea butter which is irreplaceable in skincare. The best kin is cold-pressed and unrefined but it can solidify at room temperature. However, some warmth of your hands is enough to melt it and be able to be absorbed by the skin leaving it soft, smooth, and full of gloss. For better effect, you should apply shea butter to dry hands and then protect them with cotton gloves.

3. Hands bath in flaxseed

The no. 2 when it comes to the bath for dry hands is the bath in flaxseed. To prepare it, you need a few spoons of flaxseed that you should pour hot water on (but not boiling) and set aside for a few minutes. Once flaxseed will fill out and will turn into a thick gel, you need to put the hands in it for 20 minutes. After you take them out, the hands will be perfectly hydrated and smooth.

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