How to apply individual false eyelashes? Eye make-up for everyone

beauty.jpgExtensions, false eyelashes, strip eyelashes, thickening… You can encounter a wide variety of methods for enlarging and shaping the eyes. Have you ever heard about individual false eyelashes? If not, then this article is perfect for you. You will learn how to apply them to your eyes in order to instantly change your look.

Cluster eyelashes are usually three individual lashes tied with a small knot at the bottom. They perfectly imitate eyelashes and are very fragile. What is also important, they are visually undetectable on the eyelid. If you plan to apply them for the first time, make sure to choose the ones that are not too long, made of good quality materials, and that the package includes a cosmetic glue. In the box you can find flairs of different lengths. The longest must be attached to the outer corner of the eye, the average length – in the middle of the eyelid. This way, you are able to visually enlarge your eyes and shape the lash line. It is worth remembering to be very cautious when removing false eyelashes from the packaging. It must be done very gently, not to damage any of them. And how to attach them to the eyelid?

It is very important to apply your individual lashes after you finish doing your full, usual, make-up. Therefore, remember, that prior to the application of false eyelashes, you must have already done such steps like applying eyeshadow to the eyelids, applying eyeliner (to visually thicken the lash line) and curling the eyelashes with a curler. First, determine where you want to attach the individuals and start with the outer corner of the eye. Immerse the knotted tip of the lashes in the cosmetic glue, wait a few seconds and then gently press it on the chosen spot on the lash line. Proceed the same way with false lashes of medium length. Remember not to add too many of them in one place. The end result could turn out unnatural. At the end, apply a light layer of your favourite mascara to enhance the look.

Now comes the time to remove your make-up. One may wonder how to do it, wearing glued individual false eyelashes. It is nothing difficult. Simply soak a cotton pad in your favourite make-up remover and gently press against the eyelid. Wait a little while until the glue as well as the rest of your make-up dissolves. This way you will avoid irritation and weakening of eyelashes or damaging the knots. Make sure the individuals are cleaned of any remaining glue. Then, you can gently put them back into the box. Keep in mind that if you take a good care of your eyelashes, they will certainly serve you for a long time.


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