Castor oil is a best-selling natural beauty product. Pure castor bean oil is irreplaceable: its formula is exceptional making it stand out against other oils, and the effect it produces keeps us stunned even today. Castor oil tops lots of cosmetics, including advanced treatments. It is the best growth-stimulating and strengthening product for hair and brows. On top of that, it helps repair even the most ruined nails.

However, to achieve the desired effects, you need a quality castor oil. So, see oils that have been rated the highest by consumers. The following ranking will surely help you take a decision.

Castor Oil in Cosmetics: Quality Does Matter!

Natural castor oil is produced like most natural oils, that is through cold-pressing of the seeds. This method of extraction allows the oil to keep all of the beneficial ingredients found in a plant. Too bad some manufacturers use heat or chemicals, which leads to the loss of the nutrients that we buy the oil for.

This is a reason why you should run through our reviews and find the best castor oil: cold-pressed, unrefined, without any irritants such as hexane.

What type of castor oil makes a good beauty oil?

To choose the best castor oil for beauty purposes, make sure it is:

  • cold-pressed
  • unrefined
  • free from chemicals (e.g. hexane)
  • 100% pure
  • certified

How to use castor oil?

Natural castor oil is multitasking so it can be used in various ways.

  1. CASTOR OIL FOR HAIR: it stimulates growth and prevents hair from falling out in excess.
  2. CASTOR OIL FOR LASHES AND BROWS: it encourages growth and naturally darkens the hairs.
  3. CASTOR OIL FOR BODY SKIN: it can be mixed with other oils and used for massage to reduce cellulite and stretch marks.
  4. CASTOR OIL FOR NAILS: it repairs the most damaged nails, for example because of gel.
  5. CASTOR OIL FOR BEARD AND MOUSTACHE: it is a brilliant grooming product.

Beauty Benefits of Castor Oil

Faster growth of hair, lashes, and brows.

Healthier, thicker hair; deeper hair color.

Minimized acne and post-acne marks.

Less noticeable stretch marks.

Clear face skin (castor oil is ideal for removing make-up).

Better, shinier hair (no matter its type).


★ Nanoil Castor Oil

SIZE 50 ml

effective hair oil Nanoil

We found that Nanoil is the most popular castor beauty oil because it perfectly enhances hair, brows, and lashes. Use it for conditioning the nails, mix it with body balms or use it for massage. Nanoil Castor Oil is a multi-tasker and it even works for deep face cleansing. Used as a face serum, it promotes production of collagen, makes wrinkles smoother, and keeps the complexion moisturized. It is also the best hair conditioner. Nanoil has the Ecocert mark (given exclusively to real organic beauty products).

Would you like to try Nanoil Castor Oil? Pop into www.nanoil.us/castor-oil.

★ Earth To You Castor Oil

SIZE 100 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml

Natural, cold-pressed, and… very expensive castor oil. It’s organic, extracted from the beans of castor plants grown on eco-friendly crops in India. Despite these properties, many reviewers seem to be right saying the price is way too high as for castor oil which is available at lower prices, plus producing it doesn’t require as much time and effort as production of argan oil, for example.

Earth To You Castor Oil has a very good effect on skin. It is vegan-friendly, not tested on animals. The oil deeply nourishes and strengthens the hair, and is perfect to use on lashes and brows (it comes with a spoolie and super-thin brush for easier application).

Castor oil keeps the skin moisturized, works well for body massage, and helps reduce acne, irritations and inflamed skin. The reviewers like the effect but aren’t happy with the oil being definitely overpriced.

★ CSCS Organic Castor Oil

SIZE 60 ml

This pure and organic certified castor oil must be included in our list! It is recommended by customers and its quality is confirmed by USDA. It is a perfect body massage and make-up removing oil. It nourishes the lashes and brows (you get two applicators and can easily apply it on the lash line). The oil cares for the hair and scalp too; rinse it out thoroughly washing the hair twice because it’s very thick and is hard to remove from fine hair.

★ Satin Naturel Castor Oil

SIZE 200 ml

Satin Naturel offers a big bottle of castor oil. The packaging is nice and neat which appeals to consumers too. Some of them are scared off by the price while others don’t mind it. Satin Naturel Castor Oil is all-natural and has plenty of uses. It’s a superb body massage oil. It improves acne-prone complexion and even helps get rid of heat rash. Satin Naturel Castor Oil is also suitable for hair, brows, and lashes: it lifts the hair roots, has an antiseptic effect on the scalp, and encourages hair follicles to work, making hair grow faster. It also cares for the hair ends, protecting them from damage and keeping them smooth.

★ Asombroso Pure BIO Castor Oil

SIZE: 100 ml

A nice big bottle houses natural and highly-rated castor oil. Women like it as much as men who say it’s a good beard and moustache oil. Asombroso oil can work as a hair conditioner, lash or brow serum, massage oil or natural lip balm.

This oil lasts you long and it’s quite thick. It doesn’t run down the face. You can use it on damaged nails. Because it has an antiseptic effect, it can be rubbed into feet after swimming if you’re afraid of fungus. The product conditions the brows and is a good natural lash enhancer.