Kylie Jenner creates again! New eyeshadow palette Kyshadow

beauty.jpgNew eyeshadow palette from Kylie Jenner – Kyshadow

Kylie Jenner is famous and well-known to everyone. Apart from being rich, she also works on new beauty products. Her new nude eyeshadow palette has just been released to the market. It instantly became a hit, just like her other make-up products, lipliners, lipsticks, eyeshadows and eyeliners.

What is interesting, the distributor introduced restrictions on sales. One person is allowed to purchase only one product. Even though, all her cosmetics sell extremely fast. Therefore, if you really want to buy this palette, you must hurry up. Among other new products we will also find gel eyeshadows with a shimmery finish.

Kyshadow – nude palette

Eyeshadows from Kylie Jenner come in a white cardboard box. The packaging is decorated with metallic, shimmery elements and the celebrity’s signature. Unfortunately, there is no mirror or a special compartment for the applicator. Instead, we get a clear, plastic foil that protects the eyeshadows from damage. On the back side of the box you will see the names of the products and the list of components.

Kyshadow palette offers two shimmering, matte and satin eye shadows. They have a soft texture, are extremely soft and pleasant to the touch. While applying them on the eyelids, they lightly fall down on the cheeks. Cosmetics from Kylie Jenner provide good coverage and a spectacular make-up finish. The eyeshadows blends with each other without any problems, easily combine and smudge on the skin of the eyelids. Bloggers and Kylie Jenner fans praise the selection of colours in the Kyshadow pallete. Although this is another nude toned palette on the market, it cannot be missing on the cosmetic-maniac’s shelf. The colour range allows to create different make-up for many occasions. From a light, natural, daily looks to dramatic evening make-ups. However, think carefully whether the product is needed or desired. It seems tempting but the price is not low and there are additional shipping costs.

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