In the morning and in the evening. Moisturising the skin – step by step

skin-care.jpgDo you know when and how to moisturise your skin? If not, you must read this text to learn the best ways to condition the skin. Remember that regular use of suitable cosmetics will provide really spectacular effects.

Two-phase body skin care

Moisturising the skin in two stages brings the best results. Provide the skin with as many nutritional and moisturising ingredients as possible. Why? Early in the morning the skin is ready to protect itself from harmful external factors. Use light moisturisers which contain sunscreen. Remember not to apply any new cosmetics until the afternoon hours when the skin is very sensitive and prone to allergy. Evening body care routine looks completely different. Don’t forget to thoroughly cleanse, moisturise, nourish and firm up the skin. Apply a body lotion, cosmetic butter or serum rich in active ingredients after the bath or shower.

Moisturising the skin in the morning and in the evening

In the morning you should use substances which offer protective and moisturising action. There is a reason why cosmetics for daily application contain hyaluronic acid, urea and allantoin. These ingredients lock in appropriate amount of water inside the skin which is essential to the proper functioning of the body. Such products must have light consistency and absorb quickly. Choose creams which can play the role of a make-up primer.

Apply deeply hydrating, lifting and regenerating cosmetics in the evening. Remember to remove sweat, dust and sebum from your skin. Remove dead skin cells with exfoliating scrubs which contain natural ingredients. Balms, oils and emulsions which contain vitamins and minerals will be the best for moisturising. During the application, do a massage which will firm up the skin, improve blood circulation and enhance the penetration of active and nutritional ingredients into deeper layers of the skin.

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