Attention! New Trend! Nanoil Hair Oil!

Nanoil hair oil - new trend

You need 4 weeks to regenerate even extremely damaged hair.
It takes a moment to make it look gorgeous.

Not anymore!

Wonders begun to happen the moment Nanoil brand has released its amazing product to the cosmetic market.

Nanoil outclasses all other products. It simply makes all the dreams of beautiful and healthy hair come true. How is it possible? The answers are hidden in several proving that Nanoil is so effective, unique and trendy.

1. Nanoil hair oil – draws from nature

Nanoil hair oil draws its power from nature, that is, from the selection of substances that are irreplaceable when it comes to hair care. Natural oils are known for centuries as preparations used for regenerating hair, with mighty powers. In their composition will find not only essential fatty acids, which improve the work of cells, but also a range of vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and phytosterols – substances that take care of your appearance, health and hair condition. Without these ingredients, your strands lose their strength and elasticity and start to fall and become dull – in other words they would become more and more damaged at an accelerated pace. Therefore, natural hair oils are the best to reach for in the care of your strands. They not only regenerate hair, but also improves its condition, health and appearance.

2. Nanoil hair oil – understands your hair and its needs

The presented oil does not occur in a single, universal for all types of hair version. Nanoil brand approached the topic of hair care in a very specific and responsible manner: it created a product that matches hair, and not vice versa.

It is the first cosmetic that focuses strictly on what a particular type of hair needs. Research on the structure of human hair helped identify three hair types, each with a slightly different structure, characteristics and care requirements. The criterion for classifying all three types of hair is called the porosity. It allowed to distinguish:

  • high porosity hair – dry, brittle, thin and extremely damaged. Such hair is sparse and lacks volume.
  • medium porosity hair – begins to dry, frizz and damage, usually dull and causing trouble during styling. Such strands are not yet extremely damaged but can lose moisture, especially at the ends and fall out in excess.
  • low porosity hair – thick and strong, unfortunately often greasy, heavy and lacking volume. It is flat and difficult to style. Cosmetics only overburden it.



Each of the three porosities will definitely find an ally among Nanoil products. Oils are carefully selected to ensure that each type of hair is provides with proper care: to help, to nourish and protect rather than harm – is the main feature of Nanoil hair oils.

The power of natural oils is supported here by a number of substances that are extremely essential for hair. They provide softness and good looks (lanolin and silk), protect the hair (UV filter) and rebuild its structure (keratin).

3. Nanoil hair oil – hides interesting secrets

Nanoil hair oil holds more than one surprise. The proverbial “cherry on the top” is a complex of two unique ingredients (Kerastim and Baicapil) that are responsible for accelerating hair growth and inhibiting its loss. Those innovative substances improve metabolism in skin cells, and stimulate the bulb, thanks to it, hair thickens.

4. Nanoil hair oil – without the bad stuff

Nanoil hair oil has a very thoughtful composition. The undoubted advantage is that it does not contain harmful substances, such as: parabens, silicones or any other irritating ingredients, so it can be freely applied to the scalp. As a result, it is able to regenerate, nourish and improve the work of the most important parts of the hair: the bulbs.


On the official website, you will find a number of detailed descriptions and tips on hair porosity, interesting facts about the care and comprehensive information on every active substance contained in each of the three Nanoil hair oils. Descriptions of strands and their types are accompanied by images.

Congratulations, Nanoil!

17 Comments “Attention! New Trend! Nanoil Hair Oil!”

  1. Pauline

    I just love such cosmetics <3

  2. Joanna

    I’ve already had various oils and I must say that this is the only one that never weighed my hair down. I think its because it can be matched the hair type. I highly recommend it

  3. Violetta

    it’s amazing that each is suitable for a different hair type

  4. crazy_m

    it did not work for me because it weighed my hair down

    • Catherine

      Maybe you didn’t choose the one that matches you particular hair type

    • Joanna

      For me, it’s very important how it oils your hair, and it considers every oil. My hair looks good after a maximum of three hours of oiling dry hair. If I keep it in longer, the hair becomes overloaded. Maybe try different methods of oiling.

  5. Irene_Vu

    maybe it really is good but the price scares away

    • Marla

      the price may seem high but taking into consideration its efficiency, it turns out not that exagerrated

    • Catherine

      the prices of professional products are always higher than regular drug-store cosmetics

  6. Ofelia

    it’s very efficient. I have been using this oil for a long time and it’s still there

  7. Marissa888

    this nanoil for low porosity seems very intereting

  8. Jasmin

    I highly recommend it, I am really happy with the way it treats my hair. Now, it’s easy to style and it was always hard to style it

  9. Issie

    I make oil blends myself

  10. Mandy

    I have my favourite oil and I am very happy with it but this product seems very tempting

  11. AnetteC.

    my friend uses nanoil for high porosity hair and is really happy with it. In fact, her hair looks a lot better now, it is definitely more glossy. But I stil cannot convince myself to start oiling my hair

  12. Regina

    Once I see that a cosmetic boosts hair growth I but it instantly

  13. Esther

    there is a very helpful hair porosity test available on the producer’s website


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