Skin detox. Best tricks and cosmetics

beauty.jpgSkin detox. Best tips and cosmetics

Blackheads, acne, irritations, dry or oily skin? These can be the effects of an improper treatment. You must admit that your skin requires detox. Have a look on what you need to do in order to get rid of all imperfections and enjoy flawless complexion.

Many beauty bloggers consider a minimalist approach towards skin care as the best one. Why? Because less is more. Using inappropriate cosmetics, applying too thick layers and using heavy and thick consistency preparations can worsen the condition of your skin. In consequence, more imperfections appear on your facial skin. You will notice blackheads on the chin and nose, enlarged pores, new pimples, zits, irritations, more visible wrinkles and shine not only in the t-zone.

How to detox your skin?

With a cream or oil, treat only the parts of your facial skin that are very dry and tightened. Next, gradually limit the amount of products applied and eventually, cut down on all of them. What will be the effects? Smooth and thoroughly cleansed skin, without any blackheads and acne. Your complexion will become matte with some redness but will stop peeling. During your detox, use cosmetics with natural ingredients, classified as hypoallergenic and safe for very sensitive, allergy-prone skin. Try out homemade facial masks that can be prepared on the base of honey, aloe vera, fruit and vegetables. They are easy, inexpensive and natural. Moreover, do not forget about facial creams with sunscreen. Make sure to choose the ones that are not comedogenic.

How to treat your skin after detox?

For cleansing and exfoliating dead skin cells use a sonic brush. This tool also smooths fine lines, firms the skin and improves blood circulation. Apply nourishing masks every two or three days. You should make them at home rather than buy in a drugstore. However, if you do buy it, pay attention to the components. They must be organic and natural. What is more, moisturise your skin with a light cream. Make sure that the components are dermatologically tested. Never forget to use sunscreen to protect your face from harmful UV radiation. This will not only help to avoid sunburn but also prevent from wrinkles and pigmentations.

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