Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. Will it replace stockings?

beauty.jpgNext to dry shampoo, make-up sponges, cosmetic oils, instant leg make-up from Sally Hansen is a product that revolutionised the cosmetic market. See for yourself what is so unusual about this cosmetic and how to apply it.

Airbrush Leg spray is often compared to a spray foundation, that can successfully replace tights, stockings and knee socks. It visually slims, smooths and evens the skin tone, creating the illusion of wearing stockings. In fact, your skin is lightly covered with a highly pigmented spray, that resembles a colouring cosmetic. How is it possible? It camouflages most skin imperfections, such as moles and spots, makes the skin velvet, covers capillaries, varicose veins, scars and bruises (additionally, it contains vitamin K). What is more, it will also mask cellulite and stretch marks. Sally Hansen Airbrush legs works perfectly even on a hot sunny day, giving a feeling of lightness and providing comfort.

How to apply Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs?

Prior to the application, shake the bottle well. Next, spray the product on the palms of your hands and vigorously rub it against your legs. The cosmetic is easily distributed and quickly absorbed (after 60 seconds, your skin is completely dry). It does not smudge or stain. Additionally, it has a mild scent. It is easy to remove – simply use soap and warm water. One bottle contains 193.8 ml which is enough for numbers of applications.

Sally Hansen brand offers a variety of products

They all come in a wide range of colours to match all skin tones. You can also choose from matte or shimmering finish. It is very important that they do not stain clothes and are a perfect alternative for tanning beds, self-tanners or even sun. Sally Hansen products are perfect for prolonging summer tan, or extremely useful for an outdoor party. Thanks to this product you can be sure that your legs will look flawless, and firm. Remember to use an exfoliating scrub the day before using the spray and apply a generous amount of moisturising body lotion, concentrating on your knees and heels. Moreover, it is water and transfer resistant.

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