How to treat oily skin?

beauty.jpgAcne, blackheads, sebum. This is just a small part of the problems that appear if you have oily skin. Improper action of the sebaceous glands and too big amount of sebum leads to skin inflammation. Your face in the T-zone shines and unfortunately, none of the cosmetics are able to hide it. Luckily, there are a few tested and reliable methods that facilitate the treatment of oily skin. Check it out yourself.

Firstly, hydration

Moisturising oily skin is a very important part of daily care. If you do not provide adequate amounts of water and hydrating components (such as hyaluronic acid), sebaceous glands begin to produce more and more sebum. This is exactly how the defence mechanism of the skin against drying and evaporation of water works. Therefore, remember to drink large quantities of water and apply appropriate cosmetics. Oils such as evening primrose, black cumin, raspberries and jojoba oil are perfect for this kind of problem.

 Secondly, cleansing

First, make-up removal then, skin cleansing. Any remains of coloured cosmetics can cause irritation and lead to improving the severity of acne or even spreading. Therefore, it is important to use a gentle liquid milk or micellar water that effectively removes all the products from the face. Additionally, such products should provide moisturising and nourishing effects. Cleansing is another important step towards beautiful skin. In this case choose fruit tonics, foams or emulsions without the content of detergents. Avoid aggressive or abrasive cleaning agents containing alcohol.

Thirdly, exfoliating

Exfoliation will regulate the work of the sebaceous glands and reduce sebum production. Try out coarse and enzymatic scrubs. With their help, your skin will be toned, firmed, smoothed and the blood circulation will be improved. Cosmetics with acid content work in a similar way. Such products remove the top layer of skin, lighten pigmentation and reduce wrinkles. Did you know that treatments done with the use of a high concentration of acids is usually performed in a beauty salon or at a dermatologist? Such therapy brings excellent results. Right after the first treatment you will be able to notice that your face looks younger and prettier.

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