How to overcome acne?

beauty.jpgAre you a teenager and your face starts showing the signs of adolescence? First pimples ruin your day? Your face shines even after applying several layers of mattifying powder? The best cosmetics cannot cope with blemishes? Even your best friend’s help is ineffective? No need to panic, just pull yourself together and try out the following tips and tricks.

First of all, hygiene

Can you believe that acne appears when your skin has contact with dirty items? For example you own mobile phone, sheets, duvets, pillow cases, towels, even clothes. They are all the places where harmful bacteria and impurities usually accumulate. If you do not take a proper care of the cleanliness of your surroundings, acne is guaranteed. What to do to avoid it? Wipe your mobile phone screen as often as possible, change your pillow covers and duvets regularly, wash your towels and iron your clothes (high temperature kills bacteria and mites). Why cleanliness and hygiene are so important? On the phone and between the fibres of clothes and sheets all the cosmetics that you use for your make-up, as well as sebum, dead skin cells and dust accumulate. Therefore, such impurities clog pores, cause acne and oily skin.

Secondly, cosmetics

It might turn out that the cosmetics you use every day also contribute to the appearance of blemishes. Some of the products may have comedogenic effects, clogging pores and worsening skin condition. We are talking about heavy foundations, cream blushes, thick oils, cosmetic butters, algae and aloe extracts. What is more, sometimes even perfumed, oiling bubble baths can cause acne. If you notice more pimples along your hair line, mix your shampoo with water or change your conditioner to a different one.

Thirdly, treatment

In order to overcome acne, you should reach for cosmetics especially designed for sensitive and allergic skin type. They are gentle and very effective at the same time. A good solution are micellar waters, delicate gels and emulsions. Also, you might want to consider using enzymatic scrubs. It is worth remembering to use products with the content of green clay or acids. However, keep in mind that if your problem continues and it will not go away after trying out all these methods, probably a visit at a dermatologist is inevitable. The doctor will help you chose the right products and prescribe special ointments, gels or pills.

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