How to dye your eyelashes with henna? DIY

beauty.jpgLong, thick and dark eyelashes in just 5 minutes? It is possible! From now on, all of you will be able to have beautiful eyelashes. All you have to do is to dye your lashes with henna, in the comfort of your own home. Learn some rules to help you with the entire process. Additionally, you will enhance the colour of your iris. You will see how easy it is!

What kind of henna will you need?

Usually, we choose a shade of henna that will match out hair and skin tone. Brunettes can go for black, however, blondes – a cosmetic of graphite or brown colour. Best results are achieved using a product of a paste consistency. Unfortunately, powdered henna does not work as well. Why? First of all, it is much more difficult to apply and blend with other components. Secondly, it does not provide as good coverage as the semi-liquid products. How often should you repeat the procedure? Usually, the results last up to about six weeks. However, the effects depend on many different factors: how your eyelashes pick up the product, the quality of henna, how you lashes were prepared for the treatment and how you prepared your henna blend.

How to do it?

For your homemade recipe you will need: good quality henna, special glass or other deep container, hydrogen peroxide, vaseline and brush or a cotton bud to apply the product. Prior to the procedure, degrease your lashes. This way you will get rid of any imperfections, remains of make-up and sebum accumulated on your eyelids. It is also very important to run an allergy test, prior to the process of dyeing. Apply a small drop of henna on your neck, along the hair line. Wait a few hours. If you do not see any irritation or allergic reaction, go ahead and apply the product on your lashes.

Blend henna and peroxide in a shot glass. Secure the eyelid skin with vaseline. Using a brush or cotton bud, apply it on your upper and lowers lashes. Remember, to carefully cover all your lashes both from the bottom and from the top. Never forget to apply the product along your lashline. After 15 minutes, using a cotton bud remove the mixture and rinse with water. Wipe any remains of henna with a cotton pad.

Keep in mind to proceed with the treatment with your eyes wide open. Do not use any cosmetics, creams, serum for about two days. Is henna harmful? This treatment does not cause any side effects. However, people with weak and fragile eyelashes should not use any dyeing products. What is the reason for this? Your eyelashes will become dry and more prone to loss and damage.

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