Dry skin care. How to do it properly?

beauty.jpgHow to determine your skin type? There is nothing easier. If your complexion is dry, you will notice it straight away. Your skin is dull, lacks of radiance and after washing, you get the feeling of tightness and tension. Additionally, the skin is so thin that blood vessels are visible through. Unfortunately, on such type, fine lines, pigmentations and scars appear the fastest. How to treat such vulnerable skin?

Too small amount of sebum and lipids, a thin protective layer, cold, dry or hot air, solar radiation, improper care and diet. These are just some of the factors that lead to over-drying your skin. Some people are simply born it. In other cases, external factor influence the skin condition. Fluctuations in hormone levels also lead to a point when skin loses too much water. Did you know that people with fair skin are the most common to have dry skin?

Did you know that there are several types of dry skin?

They are: very dry skin (flakes, is rough and tight and itchy), sensitive skin (very dry and prone to irritation) and dry skin (people who have this kind of skin struggle with the feeling of tightness and stinging). A distinction also regards degreased and dehydrated skin. Such skin is devoid of thick layer of lipid. However, the causes of dehydration of the skin are usually disorders in sebum secretion and lack of proper water level or other natural moisturisers.

How to treat dry skin?

Use cosmetics comprising moisturisers and lubricants. It is mainly about hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10. Keep in mind to avoid preparations that are produced on the basis of alcohol. you will definitely need creams with sunscreen. Use make-up remover lotions, micellar water and two-phase emulsion of delicate formula. What mistakes not to make when treating dry skin? First of all, exfoliating skin with coarse scrubs or using strong chemicals, can cause severe irritation of the skin. Chlorinated water and soap provide drying effects as well. Strong rubbing with a towel can also cause damage to the skin. Simply keep in mind to be gentle and careful not to cause any more irritations.

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